Marina's Story

I would like to tell you about my miracle. 

I am 28.  I am a mom with a 2 year-old toddler and a loving husband.  I am a personal trainer and a manager of a fitness center.  I love to work with people so that I can see their transformations which are often life changing.

3 months ago, I had my life ahead of me and I was happy.  But then I started to get sick.  First I was numb on my left knee then progressed to my entire body, then the tingling all over body and then the right leg started to go dead. 

12 weeks ago, I was hospitalized.   I was unable to walk.  Every time I would turn my head a huge electric shock would go from my head to my tailbone like a bolt of lightening.  I had numbness everywhere.  I had a hard time feeling the bottoms of my feet and would drop things because I couldn’t feel my finger tips.  My chest and belly were so tight with spasms that I was very uncomfortable and was unable to sleep.  I maybe would get 2 hours of sleep a night and what sleep I got was not restful. 

I went to see the best neurologists in our area and after many examinations, MRIs and blood tests, I was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis, or MS.  Primary progressive means that my type of MS usually just gets worse, not better, even with treatment.  In the hospital, I was given prednisone and copaxin, an injectable medicine that is designed to depress my immune system, since MS is a disease where our own immune system attacks our nerves. I had to take a leave of absence from my job. 

I was really scared.  I was afraid of how I might be in a year.   Would I be able to take care of my family?  Would I be able to take care of myself?  Four weeks after the hospitalization, I did not continue to improve.

That’s when I found out about Dr. Millman.  I drove 2 hours one-way to see her.  That was 8 weeks ago.  Let me tell you how my life has changed. 

I no longer need my crutches.  I am walking again, effortlessly.  I can pivot if I need to.  I have started to exercise again. I can feel the bottom of my feet on the floor so I have better balance and I am not dropping things anymore.  The spasticity that kept me awake is gone. I am sleeping through the night.  It is a deep and restful sleep and I feel good when I wake up.  The electrical shock that made me scared to move my neck is now just a tingle.   Most importantly, I can pick up my daughter and give her a hug whenever I want.  I want to go back to school for sports medicine.  It’s really a miracle what’s happened to me. 

I am no longer afraid of what my future holds for me, I welcome it. Dr. Millman has changed my life.  If you are considering getting the help you need from Dr Millman, don’t wait another minute.  If I had not come to see Dr Millman I would not be holding my little girl right now. 

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